About Us

We are a UK based agile web development agency. We specialise in delivering simple and usable web applications based on agile development techniques.

Agile web development is a methodology that challenges traditional software practices. In a world where bigger is better, agile development stays true to its definition. It states less people, more incremental changes. It replaces unrealistic functional specifications with rapid prototyping and developing screens that the client can actually see and visualise.


  • Web application development
  • Web design - HTML / CSS
  • System design and strategy
  • iPhone development
  • Code review
  • Database Design & DBA
  • Linux/UNIX system administration
  • Consultation regarding web services
  • Project Management

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Or talk to us: +44 (0)208 099 2120

Our latest work

Hayes Catering

Hayes Catering Supplies

Hayes Catering Supplies is a 30 year old company based in London that approached us to modernise their current systems and implement an e-commerce shop to sell their 12,000 products online. The e-commerce application had to also be tighty integrated with their accounts and stock managment systems.

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ChinaDialouge.net is a not for profit bilingual English-Chinese website that discusses and debates the issues regarding the environmental situation in China. One of the key goals is to promote dialouge between English and Chinese speaking users by translating comments to either English or Chinese.

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White Jewel


White Jewel is a company that specialises in organising pilgrimages to the Muslim holy land of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. We were hired to develop an online system that would enable them to move all of their operations on-line so they did not have the overhead of running and managing a travel agency in London.

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